Ways To Make Your Lotion Boxes More Attention-Grabbing

Lotions are skincare items that make skin smoother and soft by moisturizing it. These are low viscosity liquids and are applied topically to the skin. Lotions are daily-use items and a need of everyone. Also, there are so many options for these products. Lotions come in multiple forms, such as moisturizers, sunscreens, hand and foot lotion, body lotion, scented lotion, etc. All these different types of lotions come in personalized packaging.

There are many ways to make custom lotion packaging more attention-grabbing. There are so many styles and dimension options to make packaging boxes. Also, customization allows one to select everything according to the preference. One only needs to make everything such that it grabs the attention of the public. Lotion packaging is the first thing that comes in contact with the public. 

Steps to make attention-grabbing lotion boxes:

Lotion makes the skin smooth and soft. These make the skin feel good and also add a comforting effect. Lotions moisturize and hydrate the skin, thus preventing drying. Also, these soften the rough and dry areas. These can work wonders in the winters by preventing dehydration. People with scaly and dehydrated skin always keep a lotion all the time with themselves. For this reason, the custom lotion packaging of the boxes must be convenient and easy to use. People need to carry these in their bags; lotions can leak if the product packaging is weak. Also, such versatile items need to be attractive for grabbing the customer’s attention. Here are some ways to make lotions more eye-catching and captivating:

The best material to ensure shelf life:

Lotions wear out readily if not properly kept. These are also sensitive to environmental changes. An increase in temperature can damage the texture of the lotions. So the products must have the best material packaging to increase their shelf life. Items need to survive for longer times on the shelf to improve their value. There are several materials present in the shop that can help make custom lotion packaging. One can either opt for cardboard or metalized foil.

If products have more shelf life, then they will also have more chances to become customer attraction. So it is essential to use the best material to make packaging for the lotion. Then, these will have a longer life and become attention-grabbing.

Strength for product safety:

The lotions come in strong bottles that are vulnerable to damage. So the boxes need high strength to make them protective for the product. Also, there is a risk of the lotion bottle breaking if mishandled or fell. The boxes must be high strength, durable and resilient to ensure the safety of the items. Also, the boxes must be strong enough to support them. They must be stable during transfer and shipment.

The best method to do this is by using an insert in the packaging. These will ensure that the product is safe from any external exposure and damage. Inserts can be made from a variety of materials such as cardboard or plastic.

Styles and designs for a unique look:

There are many styles to make the boxes for the lotion. The latest trend is to make folding boxes. The folding styles usually have tuck end boxes that can be straight or reverse. Also, except for folding boxes, one can add handles or ribbons to make it more convenient. For further styling, one can make advanced boxes such as pillow packaging. But this will be fit only for the small bottles.

Sizes and dimensions that fit perfectly:

Lotions come in ranging sizes. These can vary from pocket-size lotion to huge litter bottles. For every size, the packaging must be fit. One must make boxes that are perfectly fitting for the items. If the boxes are too large, then the product will get a chance to move, and this might cause damage. However, if the box is too small, it will not fit the item.

Customization allows to measure the product size and make perfectly fitting boxes for it. These perfectly fitting boxes will increase the value of the product. The reason for this is that suitable packaging will naturally increase the appeal of the item. Thus, more customers will notice it.

Colors that are eye-catching:

Colors play a significantly strong role in making anything eye-catching. Bright and vivid colors can make the item stand out. A more prominent thing will grab customers’ attention more easily. So one must make the best use of the color when making custom lotion packaging.

Another trend that is rising in colors is the use of light and natural shades. Make monochromatic boxes that will fit the minimalistic feel. These lotion packaging will look not only elegant but also decent. Thus, these will increase the allure of the product and help grab customer attention.

Coatings and printings for finishing:

There are many advanced finishing options currently available in the market. One of these is the use of the latest printing technologies. Printing has become so advanced that a person can add anything to the small boxes. With customized printing, one can add intricate images, graphics, and even multi-colors. When making custom lotion packaging through printing, always add essential descriptions. These details can be brand name, logo, ingredients, safety measures, manufacturing date, and expiry date. All these extra descriptions will enable the users to become assured of the product’s authenticity.

The most advanced printing techniques include embossing, debossing, Spot UV, and more. All these will increase the worth of the packaging and make it more alluring.

Eco-friendly to go green:

Today the world is worried about packaging waste. More and more people are promoting going green in making the boxes for the retail product. Going green add value to the brand and the product. There are many eco-friendly packaging options available in the markets. The most popular include Kraft and corrugated paper. These are not only eco-friendly but also recyclable.


In conclusion, there are several ways to make lotion boxes more attention-grabbing. For this, one must consider every aspect of the packaging and also the latest trends.

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