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Practical driving test Cancelation is one of the best things provided by the United Kingdom government for the candidates who want to perform their practical test earlier. When the driving licenses were invented, there was no rule of driving test cancellations. Still, after some time, they realized that we should introduce something that will help the students, candidates and pupils to perform their tests earlier. So at the start of the 20th century, the team of Dvsa introduced the cancellation process and asked the candidates that if they want to book the cancellation, you have to follow the proper sources and procedures. So here is my story about how I booked my practical driving test cancellation. And I am sure that this driving test cancelation guide will help you by booking the driving test.

How I Booked The Cancellation For Myself?

Before starting my story, let me tell you that I was a failure and failed my practical driving test twice. Almost 4 years ago, when I was 19, I decided to submit the request on Dvsa to get a driving license. I asked one of my friends about the driving license and got some help from the internet to know the procedure of submitting the request on Dvsa to get the license. After getting some guidance, I opened the Dvsa’s website and started filling the forms. After it, there is a lot of information required, giving all the required information, giving the provisional ID number, and paying the charges. Then Dvsa sent me an email and notified me about my practical driving test. I was curious about my test at the time and started preparing for my theory test.

After some time, the date of my theory driving test arrived, and I performed very well. Passing the theory test quickly build my confidence, but unfortunately, it was not confidence. It was overconfidence, and due to this overconfidence, I stopped preparing for my practical driving test and start taking it so lightly. After 4 weeks, the date of my practical driving test arrives. And I have t go to the centre to perform the test. I didn’t even have any idea about what should I do know. My examiner asked me to start driving. I made many major and minor mistakes that lead me toward failure.

Second Chance:

After failing the first attempt, I decided to try again. I rebooked the test and started preparing very seriously. But I don’t have any seniors or instructors that teach me. So I was learning to drive on my own. This time I worked very hard, and finally, the day of my practical driving test arrives. I reached the centre and started performing the test. But as I mentioned above, I don’t have an instructor who can guide me in the best way. That’s why again, I make many mistakes. So the examiner again failed me and asked me to rebook the test to perform the practical drinking test to get the driving license.

My Last and Final Attempt:

After failing the second attempt, I decided to rebook the test again, but I have to get the help of somebody. My friend asked me to get the help of the Test Swap. Because I don’t have enough time to waste once again, I contacted Test Swap.

Test Swap is a driving test cancellation checker website on the internet. First of all, they asked me to hire a professional and well-experienced instructor and learn to drive correctly. And also, they start searching for driving test cancellations for me. The instructor teaches me all the things, and Test Swap finds a good cancellation for me. After a few days, the date of the test arrives, and this time I have passed the exam with excellent grades. All the credits of my grades go to Test Swap. They helped me a lot in finding and passing the practical driving test. If you are also searching for cancellation, this driving test guide may help you.

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