How We Make Awesome Custom Popcorn Boxes For Our Business?

The need for popcorns is endless because it is quick and yummy food items that remove your instant craving in seconds. These popcorns are available in various flavors like cheese, butter, chili, caramel, and many more. But serving these popcorns in front of your target audiences is quite a challenging task for you. In this regard, you can use custom popcorn boxes to serve your esteemed clients with respect. However, you need to follow some steps to make your place in the industry. 

Do Competitor Analysis 

If you win the race with your competitors, you must know what they use to serve their customers. Either you will go for popcorn cups, cones, or popcorn boxes to present their cooked pop kernels. If your competitors use popcorn boxes made from Kraft due to environmental consciousness, you need to consider using natural-friendly boxes. Plus, you need to analyze what type of styles they use for your customers. It helps you to create out-of-the-box custom popcorn packaging to make your place distinctive. 

Identify Your Target Audiences 

Now, it’s to figure out the audiences that you want to serve. Either your target adults or older aged people. Also, you need to find the socio-economic status of your audiences whether you offer your services for elite class people, average and middle-class people. By deciding your audiences, you are able to fix prices and choose the budget that you want to invest in the packaging. 

Understand the Need of Your Audience 

The need of people differs from age to age and person to person. So, before starting the design of your brand, you need to understand what things attract your audiences. And what type of popcorns your audiences need from your brand. So, if you fulfill the demand of your audiences, they never go another place trust on your for more facilities. Therefore, use custom popcorn boxes that are available with versatile options to pack your popcorn kernels. 

Step By Step Process to Make Custom Popcorn Boxes 

After sorting out the above elements, now it’s your time to know the step-by-step process of generating the fabulous printed popcorn boxes for your customers. 

Choose Cardstock for Sturdy Popcorns Boxes 

The first step is to choose the cardstock for your popcorns boxes, and it must be preeminent in quality compared to your competitor’s box quality. On this subject, you can choose the high thickness range for your cardboard or Kraft for popcorn packaging boxes. Likewise, commonly packaging suppliers provide 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt, 20pt, and 22pt thickness of cardstock, so you easily choose according to the quantity that you serve in your boxes. The good quality and FSC (Forest Steward Council) cardstock provide various benefits to you that are enlisting below for you. 

  • Build your customers trust in you 
  • The positive impact of products quality 
  • Keep your food hygiene 
  • Protect your popcorns from moisture and dust 

Select the Sophisticated Style of Packaging 

Now it’s time to pick the style for your popcorn boxes that create your distinctive authority in the industry. Sometimes, popcorn kiosks use boxes styles that are difficult to open, and customers face problems regarding unboxing. Well, for this purpose, you can use the enlisting styles of popcorn box packaging

  • Scallop popcorn boxes 
  • 1-2-3 bottom closure boxes 
  • Hexagon popcorn boxes 
  • Popcorn box with handle 

Print Titillating Design on Popcorn Packaging Boxes 

If you want to keep your popcorn packaging boxes simple, you can go for 1-color printing and a 2-color printing box with the brand specification. But it looks more appealing and fantastic if you can apply some unique design patterns and 3D graphics on your custom printed popcorn boxes. Here are some wise instructions that you can use for your printed popcorn boxes.  

  • Print pop up kernels on your box 
  • Print flavors on your popcorns 
  • Use polka dot designs 
  • Strips printing with foiling 
  • The invention of funny characters for your popcorn boxes 

Decide your Brand Name and Logo for Your Popcorn Boxes 

Popcorn logo and brand name are the essential part of making your customized popcorn boxes branded. Moreover, you can use your brand name and logo for your popcorn packaging wisely. It must look attractive and meaningful to communicate your brand messages to your audiences. Here is some beneficial recommendation that will help you to print perfect content on your box. 

  • Use unique font style and size 
  • Pick Meaning full logo styles 
  • Use quality printing method and machinery 
  • Select the catchy color combination for your logo and brand name text 

Use of Foil Stamping, Embossing, and Debossing 

In last, if you have more budget to place extra cheery for topping off your cakes, so you can choose any add-on that fits your budget for personalized popcorn boxes. For this purpose, you can use foiling, embossing, debossing, UV spot coatings, and a velvety look for your popcorn cartons. 

Ending Up Thoughts 

The essence of the above article is to explain how we can create stunning popcorn packaging for your brand growth. On this subject, you will adopt some steps before designing your popcorns. So, you need to do competitors and figure out what they offer to top their customers. Plus, you need to know about the needs of your target audiences before designing your packaging boxes. Afterward, you need to choose durable material, sleek and easy to carry style for your custom popcorns boxes. Add to this; you need to pay attention to creating a fabulous design for your printed popcorn cases. 

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