Real vs. Synthetic Hair Extensions: Explaining Differences Between The Two

As the realm of hair extensions continues to grow with various ways in which you can wear them – sew-in, tape-in, clip-in and nano ring hair extensions – one basic difference between all these categories is the type of hair used to form them. Hair extensions either use real human hair or synthetic hair, with obvious differences between the two. If you are on the fence about your next hair extension purchase is real or synthetic, given below are detailed differences between the two that will help you make your decision:


Synthetic hair, as the name suggests, is made from several artificial materials including acrylic, nylon, and polyesters. This composition is heavily treated and subsequently heated to mimic the feel of natural human hair. However, these don’t move about as naturally as human hair and have an uncanny shine making them instantly noticeable.

On the other hand, real hair extensions from Cliphair are made out of human hair. Human hair comes in various qualities and is collected from all over Asia, Europe, and other parts of the world. These hair are collected from donors, and since they are real they have a natural shine and believable texture that makes them blend seamlessly with your natural hair.


Human hair extensions do not come in cheap but are certainly worth the money that you spend on them. Synthetic hair extensions are much cheaper than real human hair extensions. Since they are composed using plastics and processed materials, the raw material and the manufacturing costs are significantly lesser than that of real human hair extensions.

However, while comparing costs one must also understand that despite synthetic hair being cheaper, they have a smaller life when compared to real hair extensions. This means that while synthetic hair extensions may last up to 3 months, human hair extensions last for at least a year before wearing out. Since synthetic extensions need to be replaced frequently, they end up costing a lot more in the long run.

Style and versatility

While human hair extensions can be heat styled, synthetic hair extensions cannot. You can straighten, curl or create waves in your human hair extensions without a worry in the world. However, the same cannot be said for synthetic hair extensions. Due to their composition, synthetic hair extensions shouldn’t be heat styled by the user and come pre-styled by the manufacturer.

Users should also be careful about getting styling products on their synthetic hair as these cannot be washed to remove product buildup. However, since real hair extensions can be washed, one should be worried about using heat protectants or other styling products on them. You also cannot dye or cut your synthetic hair extensions to match your natural hair color and cut, whereas you can dye and cut natural hair extensions to your heart’s desire.


While real hair extensions are undeniably the natural choice for those looking for seamlessly blended hair, synthetic hair extensions are also growing in popularity due to the demand for vegan hair extensions. The above-mentioned differences between the two types of hair extensions are likely to help you make a decision when you wish to buy extensions for yourself.

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