6 Smart Home Remodeling Ideas in 2022

Smart technology is getting popular by the day. It has already made its way into automobiles, smartphones, and medical and healthcare equipment, to name a few. It has transformed the way the devices are being used, largely thanks to technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and language recognition. They have helped simplify and automate many tasks that were cumbersome earlier.

Thus, it is no surprise that smart technology has found the perfect adobe in our homes. As per a report, around seventy percent of US households already own some form of smart technology. This number is only expected to increase in the future.

As a homeowner, you, too, might be thinking about adding smart gadgets to your home. To help you out, we have provided eight smart home remodeling ideas that can help transform your ‘dumb’ home into a smart home.

1. Smart Lighting

Smart lighting helps you manage your home lighting system easily and efficiently. The lights contain software that enables homeowners to automate or control the lights remotely.

The lights contain software that connects to a mobile application, smart home assistant, or other smart devices. Users can control the lights, including their color and intensity, using a smartphone or other smart devices.

Moreover, users can also automate the lights, including their switching on and switching off times, using an app or voice command. This eliminates the need for traditional wall switches.

Installing smart lights can elevate the aesthetics of your pod and provide a seamless look to your home while simplifying the tasks involved in its use.

2. Smart Bathroom

During remodeling, you can transform your ordinary, bland bathroom into a visually appealing, cleaner, sleeker, and smart bathroom. Some of the devices that you can add to make your bathroom smart are smart toilets, interactive LED mirrors, smart showers, smart floor heating systems, and smart faucets.

To add to the visual appeal, you can also replace your old bathtub with a clawfoot tub. Having a clawfoot tub allows you to completely soak yourself in the tub as they are much deeper than regular tubs. These tubs provide a more relaxing experience as well as a number of proven health benefits.

You can have your smart lighting system installed in your bathroom, too, to give it a luxurious, suave, and slick look. Similarly, you can also install smart speakers in the bathroom. The speakers can be controlled easily with voice commands. You can enjoy your favorite music while you relax in your bathtub after a long day at work.

3. Smart Security Systems

You can upgrade your home’s security by installing smart home security systems. These systems are directly connected to the home’s internet connection. They allow homeowners to monitor and control their homes remotely using a smartphone app.

Smart security systems allow homeowners to monitor doors, windows, and other entry points remotely. They can also lock or unlock the systems through a smartphone app.

Moreover, these systems can notify the household automatically if they detect any abnormalities. The homeowners also get a notification on their phones in such cases so that they can quickly take the necessary action.

Smart security systems have proven to be highly useful to homeowners. They help keep the house secure round-the-clock without the need to be dependent on others. Thus, you should definitely invest in a smart security system for your next home remodeling project.

4. Smart Wall Outlets

You can upgrade your home’s electrical system to make it more tech-friendly by adding smart wall outlets. They are one of the easiest ways to integrate smart home technology into your remodeling venture.

These outlets look and work similarly to your current, ordinary electrical outlets. But, they provide additional features that simplify your daily tasks. They have Wi-Fi capabilities that connect them to your home network. You can, then, control them using a smartphone app or home assistant system.

For example, smart outlets let you automate the device or appliance you connect to them. You don’t need to switch the power button on or off manually.

Smart wall outlets also provide an energy monitoring feature. This lets homeowners keep a tab on the electricity being used, helping reduce electricity bills.

5. Smart Thermostats

A smart thermostat can prove to be a nice upgrade for your home. They can help improve your home’s comfort and enhance your energy efficiency.

Smart thermostats have in-built sensors that enable them to monitor the room temperature autonomously. They can, then, automatically regulate the room temperature to provide you with the desired room environment.

Moreover, smart thermostats can also automatically adjust the room temperature depending upon factors like the number of people in the room and the external climatic conditions.

Lastly, smart thermostats can be controlled remotely through a smartphone app and other smart devices, providing you with an ideal room temperature always.

6. Pressure Washing

If you are not able to see the dirt and grime on the exterior of your house that does not mean it is not there.

The accumulated dirt does not reflect on the hygenic standard you maintain at home. But these things happen due to the tough weather conditions that is prevalent outside.

Your house is always exposed to elements. But that does not mean that you will sit with tigh hands doing nothing. You can always use a pressure washer. A pressure washing removes tons of dirt sticking on the buildings, vehicles and concrete surfaces. You can hire a pressure washing company to do this for you.

A pressure washing uses a high pressure jet with either cold or hot water to blast dirt-free. As the water from the jet is travelling fast it hits the surface with a high level of kinetic energy. It helps to remove the thick dirt and dust stuck with the surface for months or even years together.

7.Smart Speakers

Smart speakers are becoming increasingly common among homeowners. They are making it easier for homeowners to incorporate a high-quality music system into their homes.

Moreover, they are also helping get rid of unwanted wires. They take up a fraction of the space compared to traditional speakers while providing the same, if not better, sound quality.

All the major tech companies have a smart speaker for sale. For example, Apple has the Apple HomePod, Google has Google Nest, and Amazon has the Echo. You can buy a smart speaker for your home as per your choice, budget, and needs.

These smart speakers have an in-built voice assistant that lets you control the speaker with voice commands. Moreover, all the speakers offer almost the same features, functionality, and sound quality.

You can check out CNN’s article providing a detailed comparison of the smart speakers to make a better-informed decision.

Parting Thoughts

Smart home tech is the wave of the future. As we become more dependent on technology, the influx of technology into our homes is inevitable. Our homes will be much more than sheltering places. They will become an experience in themselves. They will help us connect with the world from within the four walls while allowing us to live a life of comfort, ease, and security.

You should definitely take advantage of smart home technology and incorporate it into your next remodel.


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