iTop VPN: The Number One VPN Service Worldwide

A VPN service is a must-have for hassle-free browsing, with the assurance of security and unrestricted access to content. There are several VPN services, but few match the excellence of iTop VPN.

It is one of the most functional VPN services you will encounter in the market and prides itself as a number one utility in the world. What makes iTop stand out, and how do I use it? Stick on as we answer this question and many more, as you get to appreciate this VPN for Windows.

How does iTop VPN Work?

iTop VPN is your answer to private access to the internet. To try it, you should start by downloading it on your device. You do not have to sign up to get its services. You visit iTop’s online platform and download a preferred version to your device.


Once downloaded, you follow the installation prompts and install it. You now launch the VPN service, set your preferred browsing settings, and enjoy its services.


Let us look at some features of this VPN for PC that you should know about.

You Can Use It for Free

It is not every day that you find a VPN that is free for use. The good news, iTop is a free VPN for Windows. As a new user, you can go for the free version and use it for trial purposes. If you love what you get from iTop VPN, you can upgrade to the premium packages.

Reasonable Premium Packages

You should upgrade to iTop’s premium packages to access more browsing resources. There are three packages to choose from: the 12-month, 24-month, and 36-month. They give you perks such as access to over 1800 servers worldwide, faster internet speed, extra browsing privacy, and safe torrent downloading.


Moreover, the packages come with amazing discounts you should take advantage of as they last.

Multiple Device Support

The other impressive thing about this free VPN is that it supports multiple devices. While primarily a Windows VPN, it works with Mac, iOS, and Android operating systems, a show of this utility’s versatility.

Assured Safety

One of the main reasons many people opt for VPN services is safe browsing. Unfortunately, not all VPN services deliver on the promise of safety and are prone to leaks. That is not the case with iTop VPN, as it has a robust architecture and infrastructure guaranteeing secure browsing.

Free Access to Content

You sometimes want to access important content, but it is impossible due to geo-restrictions. iTop VPN has servers worldwide that will help bypass these restrictions, granting you access to whatever you want.


iTop is a leading VPN service provider with everything you need in a browsing companion. If you use the internet a lot, you need a stable partner for security and access to loads of content.

Also, it is a free VPN, meaning you do not have to pay to use it. Download iTop VPN on your Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS device for a fulfilling browsing session.

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