All you need to know about the car accident law in Las Vegas

Any motor vehicle accidents are rarely straightforward. Mostly the at-fault parties insurance company will try to lower the compensation they have to pay out, and they may also blame you for the accident. A Las Vegas car accident lawyer will prove the at-fault driver’s liability and get you fair compensation from the medical records, loss of wages, mental trauma, etc.

Fault determination in a car accident:

If it is a fault-based state, the drivers’ insurance companies will determine by conducting their own investigations. A typical investigation involves-

  • Checking police report
  • Inspecting the damage to the vehicle
  • Photos of the accident
  • Video footages of the accident
  • Speaking to the witnesses of the accident
  • Medical bills submitted by claimants
  • Records related to injuries

All of this information is used to issue a report on who, as per them, is at fault for the accident.

Due to the shared fault rule, parties involved must be less than fifty percent responsible for the injuries and damages.

Are you filing an auto insurance claim?

To gain all the benefits of your insurance policy, you must report all the accidents, whether you are at fault or not. Most of the insurance parties require you to report all the crashes.

Once you file the report to your insurance provider, the claim adjuster will ask for some information;

-Date of accident

-Location of the accident

-Police report and the report number

-Name and contact information of the party involved in the accident

-Description of what exactly happened at the site

You can record a statement for your insurance provider. If you give any comments to the at-fault party insurer, they may use it against you, especially if you have agreed to any fault for the accident. Hence as soon as the insurance claim process begins, refrain from talking to the other party.


How is Compensation determined? 

If you or your loved one has been facing injuries due to other parties driving, negligent actions, then you should seek legal assistance immediately. They will work for the compensation you deserve. The compensation is secured through settlements and can include:

-Medical bills 

-Lost wages and opportunities

-Pain and suffering damage

-Compensation for property damage

-Future loss of wages due to prolonged hospitalization



Car accidents are very traumatic to deal with, especially if the injuries are fatal. A car accident lawyer will help you through the process and get you the compensation you deserve while you recover from your injuries.

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