Types of Trailers To Help You Lift Heavy Loads

Trailers can be very versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes beyond their traditional use for hauling cargo. There are a lot of creative uses for a trailer. They are commonly used as the means of transportation allowing efficient ways to lift heavy loads. Many kinds of trailers exist, from heavy-duty haulers to trailers that are built for specific tasks. Here are a few kinds of trailers with their specific purposes:

Utility Trailer:

Utility trailers are a kind of an open flatbed trailer that are used to transport cargo, heavy equipment or other items that may not fit inside the towing vehicle or could damage its material U-Haul utility trailers have low side walls or oftentimes none at all and no roof.

Cargo Trailers:

Similar to utility trailers but enclosed, cargo trailers protect from weather elements and theft. They are commonly used by businesses for transporting goods and by individuals for moving personal belongings. People hire cargo trailers to move their furniture from one place to another whenever they’re shifting.

Livestock Trailers:

Livestock trailers, as the name suggests, were specifically designed for transporting livestock such as cattle, horses, and pigs, these trailers have features like dividers, ventilation systems, and ramps for safe loading and unloading.

Car hauler Trailers:

Built for transporting vehicles. These vehicles hold the capacity to lift super heavy loads and can be open or enclosed. Car hauler trailers can be used by auto dealerships, transport companies, or individuals who want to move multiple vehicles at once.

Speciality Trailers:

Specialty trailers are customised trailers used for specific industries and purposes, specialty trailers include mobile offices, and concession trailers can be used as horse trailers with living quarters, mobile clinics, and exhibition trailers for marketing and promotional events. You may have come across specialty trailers at a festival.

Tanker Trailers:

Tanker trailers are used for transporting liquids and gases. Have you ever come across a petrol tanker trailer of a specific petrol pump brand? That’s what typical tanker trailers look like. Tanker trailers come in various types including fuel tankers, chemical tankers, and water tankers. They consist of special compartments, valves, and safety measures for handling hazardous materials.

Gooseneck Trailer:

A gooseneck trailer is used for heavy-duty hauling purposes. The name “gooseneck” comes from the shape of the hitch, which resembles the neck of a goose. This goofy design has a lot of uses such as increased stability and weight-bearing capacity. Gooseneck trailers are commonly used in commercial applications where heavy equipment or cargo needs to be transported efficiently and safely.

Travel Trailer:

This trailer is the most popular among people who are enthusiastic about camping and outdoor activities. Travel trailers provide an experience where you’re outside of home but you still feel like you’re at home. They come in different sizes and layouts, including amenities like kitchens, bathrooms, and sleeping areas. They’re very fun to live in and people always prefer taking them out when they are going on a family trip.

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