Paragard IUD – Here is Everything You Need to Know.

Paragard is a contraceptive used to prevent unwanted child. It is an IUD, also known as an Intrauterine device, placed in the uterine walls to avoid unwanted child.

Suppose you or a close relative is injured because of Paragard IUD. In that case, you may be able to register a Paragard IUD lawsuit to recuperate damages such as medical costs, lost earnings, and other expenses.

Side Effects of Paragard IUD.

Paragard can cause you mild and temporary, and severe side effects too. Some of them are: 

  • Low red blood cells count in the body. 
  • Pain in the spine.
  • Painful cramps.
  • Feeling low on energy.
  • Irregular bleeding.

However, the side effects go away after a certain period, maybe after weeks. But if you notice that these symptoms are becoming more problematic and severe, you must consult a gynecologist.

Severe side effects. 

There are some severe side effects of using Paragard that are not generally noticed or flagged, but they can occur in rare cases. Below are some severe side effects that can happen to you.

  • Actinomycosis: It is a condition in which an infection spreads from your private parts to different parts of your body after infecting them. The symptoms that can be noticed can be swelling, lumps, rashes on the belly, or even unusual discharge from private parts.
  • Sepsis: This is a life-threatening medical emergency that can be fatal for you. This is nothing but your body’s overreactive response to a specific infection in your body. The symptoms of sepsis may include high fever, a sudden increase in body temperature, extreme fatigue, body ache especially back pain.
  • There can be other harmful effects like bleeding from the uterus due to the IUD’s stems; the second could be the uterus just not accepting the IUD, i.e.,the IUD is partially or wholly being discharged from the private part.

A compensation claim for Paragard IUD.

If you notice any of the symptoms in your body mentioned above, you must not spare a second to consult your doctor and start diagnosing them. The question that will arise in your mind will be who is responsible for it? 

The answer is undoubtedly clear, that is the manufacturers. To get your claims, you must hire a skillful attorney that will assist you in filing your claim. The compensation claim will be claimed to you in any of the following four methods.

  • Medical Bills: This will include all the medical expenses made from your visits to the doctor to the diagnosis bills and medical bills. 
  • Loss of income: This will include the amount of profit you have lost while treating for the damages caused while away from work.
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Loss of enjoyment. 
  • Emotional distress. 

Pain and suffering are aspects that cannot be measured without a legal or a medical assistant. However, a lawyer may help you calculate the total damage you incurred and file for compensation accordingly. 

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