Exploring Top Linux Hosting Providers in 2021

Top Linux Hosting  – There are incomparable web hosting services for Linux accessible. Whether you require one of the basic and top Linux hosting packages or a dedicated one from an enormous variety of providers, you will have to discover a lot. Nevertheless, you will have to consider a few aspects. If you have only a few hosting needs, you are more likely to opt for an account based on practical features, which comprises storage or bandwidth volumes. 

In such an aspect, an operating system (OS) is probably on your priority list, and it is certainly left out of your feature lists. However, using practical experience with Linux provides you the advantage of control that OS delivers over the websites.

For example, you might get a preferable distro or your control panel, which provides you prodigious web server control. Moreover, most cheap Linux web hosting providers are helpful enough to accommodate requests, with the Linux plans that include additional features and add-ons. Furthermore, these comprise firewalls, private DNS (domain name servers), mail servers, and best-quality technical support.

The idea of an outstanding Linux package might be special since you require top Linux hosting services available and then select what can work preeminent for you. Here is a list of the exceptional and cheap Linux web hosting providers with all the extraordinary features they are providing. It will absolutely help you pick the right hosting provider for your enterprise.

  1. Navicosoft

Navicosoft ranks best among all the top Linux hosting providers. It is among the developing web hosting companies. It is one of the seamless choices for all your site solutions, which comprises web designing, development, and completely making your digital presence immeasurably impactful. Moreover, they have been extraordinarily good at providing the best journey towards the best future. Navicosoft has a global presence along with unrivaled clientele across the world.

Navicosoft has been serving customers for more than 12 years; consequently, they are totally aware of your site’s necessities. It offers you exclusive features regarding Linux shared hosting, with complete flexibility and root access. Furthermore, they have created a repute being one of the extraordinary and cheap Linux hosting companies. They function on a simple motive to offer absolute and cheap Linux Hosting with cPanel solutions.

Best Features:

  • Customer-Centric Approach:

Navicosoft delivers a customer-centric approach. They have been helping the clients for more than 100 million clients.

  • Website Security:

They provide full website security along with hosting, which is certainly a priority above all other things.

  • High Uptime:

Theydeliver you 99.9% uptime so that their customers do not have to encounter any difficulty. 

  • 24/7 customer support:

Navicosoft considers providing the customers 24/7 friendly support via live chats, calls, and emails. Moreover, they make sure to provide 24/7 Server monitoring.

  • Fast and Smooth Email Services:

They offer fast, trustworthy, and smooth email services.


Navicosoft’s pricing starts from $36.5 each year.

  1. HostGator

HostGator offers you the finest quality hosting, which assurances the remarkably good uptime compared to all others in the market. Moreover, it offers you a wide variety of top Linux hosting packages. As your website progresses, you will need more features, and you will have to advance your plan. Therefore you will have to select wisely.

Best Features:

There is incontestably a lot that you will like about HostGator. Here are a few features which you certainly need to consider.

Best uptime guarantee:

When a website is hosted with HostGator, it will be operating for the maximum possible time since it assures you an uptime of 99.99%. If they are ineffective in offering this uptime, they will deliver you with one month of hosting for free.

  • Free SSL certificates:

HostGator is impeccable if you are starting a site. HostGator offers free SSL Certificates along with the free domain with cheap Linux hosting plans.

  • Excellent support:

The HostGator information from their specialists is an immeasurably useful and effortlessly searchable resource. Moreover, it offers you 24/7 customer support via live chat and phone.

  • Free site transfer:

Although it applies to every plan, you should double-check while signing up.


Their Packages start from $2.75.

  1. InMotion

While HostGator provides an overall top Linux hosting, InMotion is among the finest Linux shared hosting providers. Nevertheless, it also offers VPS Linux hosting plans. Consequently, it is a remarkably great choice for small as well as new sites.

Best Features:

InMotion offers Linux shared hosting plans as well as VPS hosting plans that are flooded with features at a reasonable price. Here are some of them:

  • Unlimited disk space and bandwidth: 

This is one of the features which not many providers offer; therefore, it is relatively valuable.

  • Free SSL, free backups, and a free domain with all packages:

They deliver numerous additional features for free plans and keep your extra costs very low.

  • Expert staff:

Each support provider in InMotion support staff gets 160 hours of training. Therefore they are experts at tackling complex queries.

  • 90-day money-back guarantee:

It shows that you can try InMotion for 90 days and choose accordingly if it suits you or not. 


Their basic monthly package starts from $2.49.

Final Verdict!

Certainly, you can select Navicosoft as your first priority. You can discover all the features stated and make your choice accordingly. It is one of the fast-growing IT companies. Navicosoft offers cost-effective results for its customers. Furthermore, they are experts in providing tremendously strong and safe web identities. Consequently, they are professionals offering extraordinarily reasonable Linux server that provides top and cheap Linux web hosting.

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