Death Note: World Wide Massacre Because Of A Notebook

Are you a fan of mysterious and suspenseful manga series with an amazing storyline? Then you must watch the Japanese manga series Death Note which mysteriously highlights the death of people who have their names written in a notebook.

Tsugumi Ohba has written the storyline of this amazing series which has shown the worldwide massacre of people.

The exciting and breathtaking episodes of this series show the death of people whose names are on the pages of a notebook. Including 108 chapters in 12 volumes, this series has made a large number of fans over the world.

Also, it is one of the most successful animes among people. Let’s discuss the storyline, its cast, and the important events of the movie in this article.

The storyline of movie Death Note:

The storyline of the movie is about a teenage high school student who has found a mysterious notebook. It should be noted that this student Light Turner Yagami is an intelligent student who has negative opinions about other people.

Moreover, this notebook has a strange feature that you can kill anyone in the world whose name is in this book. Hence, this student started this mission of cleansing the world from negative people who used to be the cause of evil.

Because of this, the international authorities started their efforts to resolve these deaths with the help of a peculiar detective L. All these higher authorities tried to stop this teenage student from holding the power of life and death in his hands with the help of that death notebook.

Everything you need to know about the movie Death Note:

  • The story is about a teenage student who holds the power of life and death in his hands
  • He sees the world as an imperfect place for providing justice to people
  • Light Yagami found a notebook which he could use to kill anyone by simply writing his/her name
  • He started killing criminals and unjust people by writing their names on the death note
  • The detective L put all their efforts to catch him and stop the deaths of people
  • Light wanted to join police group and remove all criminal activities from the world in childhood
  • This manga series aired for three months from July 2015 to September 2015
  • Also, this series aired in different countries with English subtitles
  • There are 37 suspenseful episodes of this series
  • Firstly, Light killed national Japanese criminals
  • Secondly, he started killing international criminals
  • The higher authorities gave the name “Kira” from “killer” to Yagami
  • It’s has remained one of the most successful animes for fifteen years

Criticism of the movie:

Various authorities and institutions started criticizing the content and story of this movie because it had a negative influence on the children’s minds. It should be noted that the students started to refer to simple books with the death note because of the series.

Moreover, they started writing the names of different students, enemies, and teachers in these books which they don’t like. People also started criticizing this Japanese manga series to protect the mental health of children.

The superstitions of this movie influenced children, so the authorities banned this movie.


This article highlighted the movie Death note, its popularity among people, and its criticism. It should be noted that this movie remained highly popular among people for almost many years.

But at the same time, the higher authorities banned the movie to protect children from various superstitions. Keep reading our blogs and articles to stay up-to-date with the latest manga series and their storyline.

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