Atlanta Attorneys Answer the Questions and Queries of The Clients

Car accidents can occur anytime anywhere. When this happens, you should know how to proceed further from then on legally. This is when a car accident attorney will be your helping aid, as they will know very well how to handle the case on your behalf. You will need time to recover from the trauma and the lawyers will be your representatives during such situations. 

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Questions to ask 

The attorneys that you hire will answer all your questions and queries so that it becomes easier for you to hire one for your car accident case. Here are some questions that you should ask before hiring one. 

  • What is their charge to handle your case?

Some believe that hiring an attorney incurs extra charges as you one has to pay even the medical bills and expenses, after a car crash. This is not true, as some attorneys will not charge you till your case is handled and you are provided with the claim that you own in a car accident case. Hence, ask the charges of your attorney before making conclusions. 

  • What injuries can help you get the claim?

Some of the injuries such as T-bone collisions, head-on collisions, sideswipes, rear-end collisions, etc., are quite common in a car accident. The other injuries include pole or rollover impact. All such injuries can get the claim in a car accident case. 

  • Which driver is responsible for the accident?

The driver at fault in a car accident case is determined based on the impact of the accident. The legal advisors and the team of the local police that arrives at the scene of the crime will first analyze the condition of both the vehicles that are involved in the accident before deciding which driver is at fault in the current situation. They will scrutinize all such details and will proceed further. 

  • Which insurance is liable for paying the victim?

Many factors will be considered while deciding the insurance company of which party is responsible for fulfilling the claim of the victim. Even though the basic idea is for the insurance company of the driver-at-fault to be responsible for the claim, many factors will be considered before this claim. 

You can ask as many questions as possible to your attorney before hiring them. 

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