Taking off the pill: all the information you should know!

What happens in my body when I stop taking the birth control pill?

A woman who takes birth control pills overrides her natural cycle: the hormones in the pill stop ovulation, thicken the mucus on the cervix so that sperm cannot enter, and prevent an egg from implanting in the uterus. During the break, the hormone level suddenly drops. The result: the bleeding starts.

When the Abortion Pills Available In UAE pill is stop, the body restores its natural cycle. This is determine by the natural ups and downs of the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Follicles grow in the ovary and the lining of the uterus builds up at the same time. After about 14 days, an egg follicle bursts (ovulation) and releases an egg cell that migrates to the uterus. If the egg is not fertilize, the top layer of the mucous membrane comes off – menstruation occurs .

What consequences do I have to expect if I stop taking the pill?

The pill not only prevents un want pregnancy. Your hormones also have an effect on the skin , the figure and, last but not least, the soul . If you stop taking the Abortion Pills Available In UAE contraceptive pill. You expect your body to make changes that you first have to get use to.

Hair loss is a potential side effect that many women fear when they stop taking the pill. Fortunately, the problem of hair loss usually resolves itself when the hormonal balance has level out again.

Inevitable, however: Anyone who decides to stop taking the pill has to deal with changes such as an irregular cycle, heavier bleeding and often more severe menstrual pain. Many women also find that they have more skin problems and more pimples before and during their period than with the pill. And for some, the natural ups and downs of hormones after stopping the Abortion Pills Available In UAE pill affects their mood: they feel more depress, irritable or restless .

Heavy bleeding, irregular cycle, no carefree sex on fertile days: Without the pill, women are force to deal with their own fertility – for example, if they feel particularly attract to their partner during ovulation. But many perceive exactly that as positive when stopping the pill:Because they get to know their bodies better, listen more to themselves and treat themselves more carefully .

When can I stop taking the pill?

In principle, you can stop taking the Abortion Pills Available In UAE pill at any time – a conversation with the gynecologist is not necessary. However, it makes sense to use up the monthly supply, as withdrawal bleeding will set in when you stop taking it.

Some women are prescribe the pill not only as a contraceptive, but also for other medical reasons, such as ovarian cysts or severe menstrual pain . You should consult your doctor at Get abortion pills in Dubai before stopping the pill and initiating the withdrawal bleeding.

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How long does it take for my body to get used to the fact that I no longer take the pill?

It usually takes some time for the natural cycle to level off again after stopping the pill. Many women experience intermenstrual bleeding . You don’t have to worry about it – even if you miss your period for a month.

Wanting to have children: how long will it take until I can get pregnant if I stop taking the pill?

If you stop taking the birth control pill, you can theoretically get pregnant immediately . After all, this can even happen if you forget to take the pill – the Get abortion pills in Dubai  pill’s protection does not have any effect.

For some women, after stopping the pill, it takes a little longer for the cycle to regulate itself again and for ovulation and possibly pregnancy to occur. Statistically speaking, the pregnancy rate in women who previously use contraception but no longer. After one year differs from that of women who have not taken the pill beforehand. So nothing stands in the way of a baby.

I suffer from side effects of the pill. How quickly do they go away if I stop taking birth control pills?

Not all women tolerate the pill well. Some react to the hormones they contain with the following side effects:

  • nausea
  • headache
  • Mood swings
  • pimple
  • Water retention
  • Depression or less interest in sex are also known side effects of the pill.

After stopping the pill, these symptoms generally disappear quickly – just like the contraceptive effect of the pill. The side effects are also limit in time. Women who suffer from migraines during their period – i.e. during the pill break – can also hope that they are often better off without the pill.

I take medication that interferes with the pill. Should I take a pill break?

Antibiotics can affect the way the pill works. Illnesses, such as severe diarrhea, can also prevent the protection from being active. A pill break does not make sense in such cases – stopping the pill for a short time. Possibly in the middle of the cycle, confuses the body. Don’t forget: Even if you continue to take the pill, additional contraceptives are necessary!

What alternative methods of contraception are there?

If you want to switch entirely to hormone-free contraceptive methods instead of hormone preparations such as Nearing, you can choose between several alternatives. The temperature method, for example Get abortion pills in Dubai is popular, but you should also use prevention. With Cy clotest from My Way, a cycle computer , you measure your body temperature and can therefore easily see your fertility status.

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